ACPA offers a number of ways for members to get involved and engage around a variety of areas!
Our entity groups provide professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities. We also have other initiatives
that provide varying levels of involvement and access to resources and knowledge experts.

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{ involvement by functional area }

Commissions represent the job/functional areas or professional specializations in which ACPA members are employed or have an interest or passion. 

Coalitions & Networks

{ involvement by personal identity }

ACPA Coalitions & Networks are unique entities in that they represent and act as advocates for the social and personal identities of the ACPA membership. ACPA has a proud tradition of advocating for and advancing the voices of all of members of our profession and Coalitions & Networks are at the forefront of issues of inclusion and social justice.

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Communities of Practice

{ involvement by career level }

Communities of Practice represent and focus on the unique needs of professionals at various points within their career. Communities of Practice recognize the importance of community, conversation, and collaboration among professionals spanning functional areas and identities, yet sharing positional-related experiences. 

local chapters & international divisions

{ involvement by geographical location }

ACPA Chapters & International Divisions provide professional development, access to research & scholarship and access to leadership opportunities at
the local level. 


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Upcoming Entity Events

ACPA22 Convention in St. Louis

ACPA22 Convention in St. Louis

ACPA22 ANNUAL CONVENTIONACPA's Annual Convention experience is a yearly gathering of student affairs and higher education professionals, students and faculty to learn, network and engage in doing the work higher education needs. Approximately 3,500 members and guests...

Student Affairs Assessment Institute™

Student Affairs Assessment Institute™

the premier Institute for student affairs and higher education professionals who seek a guided, curricular experience in order to develop essential assessment knowledge and skills for their professional toolkit , making proudly sponsored by   ACPA's Student...

ACPA 2021 Long Beach

What We’reAbout VISIT THE ACPA21 WEBSITE Approximately 3,500 members and guests attend the annual convention each year. Highlights of the convention include: Distinguished speakers such as Eboo Patel, Jose Antonio Vargas (2015), Brené Brown (2014), Melissa Harris...

Leadership Educators Institute

Register for LEI Submit a Program 13-15 December 2020 // New Orleans, Louisiana Leadership is an integral competency for our profession. The leadership development of students is an important and ongoing process that requires commitment from both students and staff....

Training in Restorative Justice

Training in Restorative Justice

Training in restorative justiceIn this intensive training, you will gain a thorough understanding of restorative justice principles and practices, strong facilitation skills, practical information about program implementation, and the satisfaction of having...

Program Design School

Register for this Event 15-16 September 2020 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm each day Join The Leadership and Training Studio and Erin Fischer for a two-day, hands-on, engaging and entertaining seminar. Erin will share how she wrote 90 programs in four and...