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PAN group at ACPA18
Craig Elliott and a member holding an ACPA Latinx network
5 APAN leaders standing at a table during ACPA20 handing out buttons and flyers

ACPA has a proud tradition of advocating for and advancing the voices of all of members of our profession. ACPA Coalitions & Networks are at the forefront of issues of inclusion and social justice and are unique in that they represent and act as advocates for the social identities of the ACPA community. Coalitions & Networks represent who we are. They provide mentoring opportunities, promote relevant scholarship, produce publications, and sponsor programs and socials during the Annual Convention.

Get Involved in an ACPA entity 

  1. Log into the ACPA Member Portal
  2. Click on the Chatter tab
  3. Click on Groups
  4. Search for the Commission(s) you wish to join
  5. click Join Group next to the Commission!

OUR COalitions

Commission for Admissions, Orientation and First Year Experience logo

Coalition for (Dis)Ability

Contact the Chair:
Spencer Scruggs //

Coalition on Men & Masculinities logo

Coalition on Men & Masculinities

Contact the Chair:
Kyle Ashlee //

Coalition for Multicultural Affairs logo

Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

Contact the Chair:
Jasmine Lee //

*Scroll down to learn about the Networks under the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs

Coalition for Sexuality & Gender Identities logo

Coalition for Sexuality and Gender Identities

Contact the Chair:
Katie Stygles //

Commission for Administrative Leadership Logo

Coalition for Women’s Identities

Contact the Chair:
Kelly Schrader //

Native, Aboriginal, Indigenous Coalition

native, aboriginal and indigenous coalition

Contact the Chair:
Andy Reza //

our Networks

*within the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs
Asian Pacific American Network logo

asian pacific american network

Contact the Chairs:
Amanda Assalone & Cherry Lim //

Latinx Network logo

Latinx network

Contact the Chair:
Daniel Hernandez //

Multiracial Network logo

Multiracial Network

Contact the Chair:
Rob Kunicki //


PAN African Network logo

pan african network

Contact the Chair:
Jasmine Lee //

*within the Native, Aboriginal and Indigenous Coalition
Indigenous Student Affairs Network logo

indigenous student affairs network

Contact the Chair:
Cori Bazemore-James //